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Callaham Vintage Telecaster Hardware Kit

Callaham Vintage Telecaster Hardware Kit

These components are used on all Callaham T Model guitars, and are available as a complete kit to you. Perfect for new builds or to overhaul your favorite Telecaster.

For use with Vintage spec instruments or new builds.

T Model Bridge details available here.

Please look over options carefully, as there are many available to choose.


  • Callaham Pre-wired T Model Control Plate Assembly
    • Please specify modern 3 position wiring
      or 4 position parallel/series wiring
    • Please specify Dome (early 50's)
      or Flat Top knobs (late 50's - early 60's)
  • Callaham Vintage T Model Tele Bridge Assembly with 3 Brass comp. saddles
    • Please specify Enhanced Vintage Compensated
      or Slant Compensated Saddles
  • Black Fiberboard Bakelite Lacquered 1-ply 5 hole Pickguard
  • 5 Phillips Head Stainless Steel Pickguard Screws
  • 6 Callaham Traditional Stainless Steel String Ferrules
  • Nickel Plated Electrosocket with Switchcraft Input Jack
    prewired with 8'' of cloth wire for installation
  • Vintage 6 Inline Tuning Machines - Nickel
  • Callaham Stainless Steel Old Styled Round String Tree & Screw
  • Callaham Stainless Steel Strap Buttons & Stainless Steel Screws
  • Callaham Satin Finish Stainless Steel Neck Plate with Random Serial Number
  • 4 Stainless Steel Neck Plate Screws

Old Styled Countersunk Slotted Screws such as those available on early 50's reproductions are available for an additional charge. Please inquire for more details.

  With Black Bakelite Pickguard   $425.25
  Without Pickguard   $368.25
  Distressed Kit with Distressed Black Pickguard   $575.25
  Distressed Kit without Pickguard   $503.25
Optional Charges
  Old styled Slotted Screws   +$5.50
  Highluster Neckplate   +$5.00
  Custom Neckplate Number (4 or 5 digit only)   +$10.00
  Stainless Steel Saddles   +$10.00
  Stainless Steel E-A Saddle   +$5.00
  4-Way Wired Control Plate   +$20.00
  Left Handed Upcharge   +$35.00
  Esquire Kits available, just tell us.
Esquire Wiring
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