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Dealers / Custom Builders / Others

Anybody can buy direct from Callaham Guitars, but we do have a few dealers who carry our parts and also have trained personnel that can install or repair your guitar.

The below list are current dealers and custom builders who use our parts. We do not supply e-bay type businesses with dealer status. So beware of frauds especially from overseas "businesses".

We are only interested in having brick and mortar dealers and quality repair shops.

I am most proud of the fact that some of the best builders in the country use our parts.

Overseas Dealers

Charles Guitars
Jeremy Tosh stocks many of our parts.

  Charles Guitars

Guitar Experience
Charlie Chandler is the guitar tech to the best; Clapton, Beck, Page, etc. He stocks many of our parts and has the experience to do all installations.

  Guitar Experience
21 High St.
Hampton Wick

Human Gear Inc.
Human Gear is known for having only the best quality gear and guitars. They are our oldest dealer. Contact Hiroshi Yagi.

  Human Gear Inc.

440hz / Luciano Andrea SNC
Andrea Luciano stocks some of our parts.

  440hz / Luciano Andrea SNC
Via Como, 18
21100 Varese
Domestic Dealers  (USA)

Chicago Music Exchange
Carries a full line of our products and has several qualified repairman to do installation if needed. In fact they have experts to assist you in just about any area. They have online ordering and a great showroom. If you are in Chicago, you should drop in.

  Chicago Music Exchange
Chicago, IL

Specialty Guitars
Paul Chambers is a former Fender employee and is highly knowledgeable about the parts that are correct for your instrument. He stocks a large assortment of our products and will make sure you get the correct item.

  Specialty Guitars
Tempe, AZ

Tone Shapers (Formerly Acme Guitar Works)
George Ellison has renamed his business and stocks nearly all our products. He is an outstanding person and can handle all your questions.

  Tone Shapers
Vero Beach, FL

Crooks Custom Guitars
Bill Crook is best known for being the guitar builder for Brad Paisley. I am very proud that he chooses our parts to build his instruments. He also is one of the finest people I know.

  Crook Custom Guitars
Moundville, WV

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