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Telecaster Bridge Compatibility

Our parts are made to fit Fender guitars. When looking for compatible parts, Fender sometimes adds to the confusion by using the same words in a different order for different model guitars. Please research your guitar model independently as well as referencing the chart and measurements below.

Vintage T Model Bridge

- Any Vintage Guitar or Vintage Reissue using a pickup mounted to the bridge plate 1950-present
- American Special Tele
- Squire Classic Vibe
- Classic Player
- Baja Tele
- Mexican Standard Tele
- Classic Series 50's and 60's
- Road Worn 50's and 60's
- Classic Series '72 Custom
- 2016 Deluxe Tele Thinline MIM
- 2016 Deluxe Nashville Tele MIM
- Richie Kotzen

American Standard Tele Bridge

- American Standard Teles 1989-Present
- American Deluxe Teles 1990-Present
- American Deluxe Nashville
- American Elite

Vintage Hardtail

- Original '72 Thinline and Classic Series
- Original '72 Deluxe and Classic Series

American Standard Hardtail

- Modern Player Tele Thinline Deluxe
- Modern Player Tele Plus
- Jim Root Tele
- Mexican Standard HH
- James Burton Tele
- Solid Body Cabronita models


Important Tele Dimensions

The vintage Tele mounting is the most common. What confuses folks is when they see a modern six saddle bridge without sides and think that it is an American Standard. Visual inspection can answer a lot of questions. Vintage mounting requires 4 rear mounting screws with the string holes behind the mounting screws.

Vintage Bridge Mounting American Standard Bridge Mounting

Look carefully at the above pics and notice the clear difference in the mounting/string hole configuration. The vintage mounting is on the left, and the American Standard on the right. The vintage bridge plate fits any Fender guitar that came/comes with the original 3 side ashtray bridge. This covers a lot of models. It also fits Mexican Standards and G&L ASAT Classics as a direct replacement.


Many import guitars use a Gotoh model bridge which from a distance looks like an American Standard, but is really a vintage mount. Look under the saddles and count the number of mounting screws and their relationship to the string holes. In the Fender line of guitars, their Mexican Standard model Tele is an example of this situation. Mexican Standard Teles take our Vintage T model bridge as a direct replacement.


American Standard Teles have a unique 3 screw mount and a 2 1/16" (52.4mm) spaced bridge. Our American Standard upgrade is a direct replacement for American Standard Telecasters only. There are Squire models and other imports that use the 3 screw mount, but it is completely different than the American Standard and they are not interchangeable.


In 2009 Fender added 2 front lip screws to the American Standard. We have not added this to our plate. Our plate is far more rigid than the brass fender plate, and the extra screws are not required. Our bridge will cover the body holes and keep a clean look.

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