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About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting Callaham Guitars™. We are dedicated to producing the finest Replacement Guitar Parts for those who want only the best for their instruments. I have been fortunate to have grown up with the great instruments of the 20th century at my disposal. From Lloyd Loar Mandolins, Pre-war Martins and Gibson instruments, to 50's Gibson Les Pauls, and Fender Strats and Teles. It is from those great instruments that I have establish my base line for tone. I was also fortunate to have been raised in a machine shop and later earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech. I try to bring all of this experience together to produce our products. Our goal is to produce the finest products available so that every musician will be able to reach their goals.

- Bill Callaham


Callaham Guitars was started in 1989, and like so many other businesses began in a basement. By doing repairs for music stores and local musicians, the business quickly grew and moved out of the basement and into a dedicated facility in nearby Berryville, Virginia. However, the first guitars and amps were built right in Bill's basement. Those items are affectionately referred to as "basement" instruments by their current owners.

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The original basement workshop area

Guitar bodies in the finishing process

All of our guitars were 100% handmade using traditional tools, without the aid of computer controlled tooling. They were made by Bill, Tim Veach, or Abe Herbaugh. All necks and bodies were shaped by hand, and were constantly handled for contour and comfort. The final Callaham Guitar was sent out the door in 2014, and ever since we've focused strictly on part production.

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S Model guitar body being shaped

Callaham S Model Guitars

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Early Flamed Ash S Model Guitars

Callaham S Model Guitar

An early full-on custom Tele built for a client

Callaham amps were made by Bill or Tim as well, and most ended up overseas. They used the same transformers as the famed Trainwreck Amps, but utilized a slightly different circuit. The last amps were produced in 2008.

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One of the first Callaham amps

The famed Callaham shop amp. Still our go-to amp today

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A '68 Plexi 100W Super Tremolo in for repair

An early concept amp that never saw full prodcution. Based on a Marshall Blues-Breaker combo

Callaham Today

Our parts business has grown as a direct result of our past experience in guitar building and repair. It was apparent very early on that the hardware available was the limiting factor on the tone that could be achieved. Tremolo blocks were our first innovation and are still one of our flagship product. Years of experience in guitar building and repair, coupled with a background in precision machining and engineering has brought us to where we are today.

Callaham Guitars now operates out of its own production facility in Winchester, Virginia. We supply dozens of dealers both domestically and abroad, as well as selling directly to our customers. We are pleased to say that our parts have found their way in to the hands of musicians in nearly every corner of the world.

We are still very much a small family-run business and have a dedicated group of staff and machinists that love what they do. We work hard to source the very best materials and produce our parts to the highest quality standards in the industry. Combine this with our enhanced designs, and it's clear why Callaham Guitars has developed its reputation for quality and tone.

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